Monday, October 8, 2012

Julep Maven October 2012

I'm excited to have received my October Julep Maven box in the mail last week. I had a bit of trouble deciding which box to get this month. This month's theme is Halloween-inspired, and many of the boxes had crackle polishes. I'm not a big fan of crackles, but I finally settled on the It Girl box because even though it has a crackle polish, the other two polishes that came in the box are beautiful.

Everything came nicely wrapped in the usual black Julep box. The nail polishes for It Girl this month are Caroline (a burgundy shimmer), Leslie (black and silver specked shimmer), and Glenda (a silver crackle). The box also contains two pots of glitter and a small bag of candy corns in the spirit of Halloween. I'll be trying out the colors and will have swatches and reviews for you guys coming up.

If you are wondering about Julep Maven, it is a subscription program that normally retails for $19.99 monthly with free shipping. Over at, you can take a style quiz to determine your personal style. Every month, you will receive a Maven box that best fits your style filled with over $40 worth of Julep goodness. The advantage of the Julep Maven subscription program is its flexibility. It allows you to skip any month free of charge, to send a box to someone else, or to switch your box to a different style. And of course, you can cancel anytime.

To join and get your introductory Julep Maven box for only ONE CENT, just click HERE and use code COLORS4ONE at checkout. The code is available for a limited time.

** This post contains my referral link. If you click on the link and sign up, I will earn credit towards free Maven boxes.


  1. I also chose It Girl Yun!! Although I got the Golden Box this time around!! I am loving the colors that came with the box!! <3

  2. Coraline looks so pretty! Would LOVE to see a swatch of that :)

    Jazz x

  3. the polishes look very pretty!

  4. dunno... I am disappointed with Julep. I want to cancel my subscription but they require to do it over the phone so i'm just skipping it every month...

    I do admit that those colors look interesting. Show us swatches please???

    1. From what I've heard, cancelling over the phone is pretty easy.
      Yes ma'am, swatches are coming! :P

      ~ Yun


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