Saturday, March 3, 2012

Julep Alicia

Happy Saturday, lovely readers! :-)

Today I have for you Julep's Alicia, from my March Boho Glam Maven Box. I received my box just a few days ago, and I have been so excited to try the two polishes in there. Alicia is a pinkish salmon coral creme that leans more coral than pink.

Alicia is a summery and bright shade that looks even more so once on the nail than in the bottle. The pink shows through under natural light, while the orange really shines in artificial light. This is a brighter shade than I would normally wear, but I'm finding that I really enjoy the extra zing this brings.

The formula was quite thick and goopy, making it difficult to do two even coats. The polish would cling to the inside of the bottle's neck as I am wiping the brush off, making it difficult to get excess polish off the brush. Also, the polish was so thick that it sticks to the stem of the brush, so that large blobs of it would drip down onto the brush and my nails as I am polishing. To Julep's credit, I called their customer service, and the lovely lady I spoke to immediately apologized for the overly thick polish and offered to replace my bottle at no charge. 

What bright/summery colors do you enjoy wearing? Have you started wearing those colors yet even though it's still winter? As always, it is a pleasure to hear from you guys. <3


  1. Sine I was sent here right from your Sasha review, I had to put the two pics one next to another, and I have to admit I'm loving Alicia even more then I do Sasha, and I LOVE Sasha!!!
    This is such a perfect color!!!

    1. I'm glad you like Alicia! I'm not sure which one I like more... they are both really pretty coral colors! :-)

      ~ Yun


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