Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zoya Lotus

Today, continuing with Zoya's True Spring 2012 Collection, I have Lotus for you guys. Lotus is the second purple in the collection, and just like Tru, it has a shimmer finish.

Lotus has a soft, dusty, gray-influenced purple base with tons of reflective pink shimmer. This is another polish in the True collection where the base is a muted, soft color, and the shimmers provide a lovely, luminous contrast. Lotus really surprised me. In the bottle, it looks a little bland, but once on my nails, the pink shimmer brings the polish to life and makes it look like it's glowing from within. It's gorgeous! :-) 

The formula is thin and easy to work with. Two coats build up to an opaque coverage, and drying time is fast.

You can find Lotus on for $8 for 0.5oz.

** This post contains a product that was provided to me by the company for honest consideration. How I obtain the products does not influence my opinion. For more info, please view my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Each and every Zoya from this collection is beautiful to me! It's such a shame it's so expensive here where I live, one bottle costs 13 € or somewhere 17 $. That's awful to me, and I can't decide which one to buy because they're all beautiful. Maybe I'll just wait for Essence dupes. ;)

    1. I always have that problem with Zoya polishes, where every single one is just so beautiful that I can't decided which ones to get. I'm sorry Zoya is so expensive where you are. :( My favorites from the collection are Bevin, Skylar, Lotus, and Cho (swatches coming shortly ^^). If you like blues and purples and are trying to narrow down to one or two, I would recommend Skylar and Lotus. :D

      ~ Yun

  2. This color is beautiful! I love the swatches on your blog ! so i wanted to tell you i nominated you for the Liebster Award


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