Tuesday, September 24, 2013

China Glaze Monsters Ball Preview

Good evening, ladies and gents! I've got a few press releases that are getting dusty in my inbox, so let me go ahead and share them with you. :-) First up, we've China Glaze's new collection for Halloween 2013. This six-polish set consists of five new colors and a glow-in-the-dark top coat. All the info is below.

(All info and images are courtesy of China Glaze.)


China Glaze® Introduces Six Limited Edition Shades for Halloween 2013

This October, you’re invited to celebrate with the ghosts and ghouls at the darkly decadent Monsters Ball, hosted by China Glaze®.  Attended by spooky sparkles and tantalizing textures, you’re sure to have a hauntingly good time with this limited edition six-piece collection shrouded in mystery and dripping with lavish color.  

Dance the night away in six colors and finishes perfect for All Hallows Eve:

Howl You Doin’: Shadowy purple glitter
Bat My Eyes: Ominous gold glitter
Boo-Gie Down: Multi-sized orange, black and white glitter

Fang-Tastic: Mysteriously mixed up green, blue and magenta glitter
Bump In The Night: Hair-raising black texture
Ghoulish Glow: Glow-in-the-Dark top coat

Ideal for creating holiday manicures that are a true work of art, the China Glaze® Monsters Ball display features artwork by renowned artist Abigail Larson, best known for her illustrations inspired by the various things that go bump in the night.

China Glaze® Monsters Ball will be available in October 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores. 


  1. Bat My Eyes, Boo-Gie Down and Ghoulish Glow. They are my favourite (:

    1. The two glitters look really cool! And so does the glow in the dark top coat, of course. :)

  2. I was looking at these in the store today. The only one I liked was Bat My Eyes. But every bottle of it that I opened of it was missing the brush. The people at the store had no idea why. They even check the ones that they didn't have out on display. All except for one didn't have brushes(or the broke of into the bottle)

    1. Lol that's really weird... I wonder if they're all from the same batch and there was a glitch during pouring.

  3. I think I might need Howl You Doin'. I usually don't go for the purples but that one is so very Halloween-y and glam at the same time, I can't resist!

    1. It definitely looks cool! :) For some reason, I don't end up wearing a lot of purples too... not sure why, because I love blues and pinks.


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