Monday, April 9, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Mirrored Chrome Nail Lacquers Preview

I have for you lovelies a preview of Deborah Lippmann's latest collection. Here is what Deborah Lippmann says about the collection:

I am thrilled to introduce my NEW Mirrored Chrome Flip Nail Lacquer. An elegant new formula that creates a true mirrored, chrome-like finish.

Previously something you could only achieve through pricey salon treatments, now you can get that luxe, highly-reflective look at home with my new formula. It’s like Minx in a bottle! The secret is an innovative mica pearl technology that imparts an ultra high shine, mirrored effect.

I developed three gorgeous new shades – Swagga Like Us in oxidized copper teal, Sugar Daddy in antique champagne lilac and Private Dancer in gilded ultra violet. These shades actually flip or change color when seen from different angles. It’s a cool, completely unique look that almost looks like you dipped your fingertips in liquid metal.

oxidized copper teal

antique champagne lilac

gilded ultra violet

Price: $18.00 each, available now at, Barneys New York, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom

(All info and images are courtesy of Deborah Lippmann.)

These colors all look so pretty and unique, and the chrome finish sounds intriguing. And their names are awesome! All three are definitely on my wishlist! :D

What do you think of these colors? Do any of them make it onto your wishlist? <3


  1. These pics look awesome but I think I'll wait until swatches are out. Lippmann polishes cost way too much to buy blindly...

    1. Yes, they are so costly. I am awaiting swatches, as well. :-)

      ~ Yun

  2. Omg! If it really does what it promises then I want all of them! I will definitely wait for swatches though.

    1. I am waiting for swatches too so that I can decide. :-)

      ~ Yun

  3. That purple looks especially gorgeous!! ^.^


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