Saturday, January 28, 2012

Zoya Lisa

Hello my lovely readers! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! :)

Today, I have for you Lisa from Zoya's Winter 2010 Flame Collection. Lisa is a bright cherry red that just glows from within. It is chock-full of pink and gold shimmers in a beautiful glass-fleck finish.

Lisa was such a wonderful surprise. I thought it would be a relatively generic red, but it turned out to be anything but. On the nail, Lisa sparkles wildly. I tried as best as I could to capture the pink and gold sparkles in the pictures. The sparkles lean more towards gold under natural light and more towards pink under artificial light. After having this on my nails, I have to say that Lisa has become one of my all-time favorite reds, tied for top spot with Butter London's Knees Up. Lisa is a perfect choice if you are looking for a gorgeous red to wear for Valentine's Day.

You can find Lisa on for $8 for 0.5oz.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zoya Noel

For my first polish post, I have for you Noel from Zoya's 2011 Holiday Gems and Jewels Collection. Noel is a dreamy denim blue that calls to mind Zoya Crystal. While they share base colors from the same blue family, Noel does not have Crystal's attention-grabbing gold flakes. Instead, Noel shows subtle silver and gold shimmers in the bottle.

Once on the nail, Noel is just as beautiful as in the bottle. The silver and gold shimmers in the bottle make appearances on the nail, with the silver much more prominently so than the gold. Noel is a metallic, a finish that can sometimes result in a streaky look, but thankfully it dries to a non-streaky and perfect finish. In certain lighting, the color can lean towards teal, especially in artificial lighting on my slightly warm skin tone.

You can find Noel on for $8 for 0.5oz.

So it begins!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my humble blog!

Nail polish is a huge love of mine, and it brings me so much joy that I wanted to share my love with everyone. Hopefully stopping by here will not only give you ideas of polishes to add to your wishlist, but will also bring a little joy to your day.

Much love! <3
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